EPA Method 1668 PCB Calibration Solutions Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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ULTRA Scientific expands its offering of PCBs and related compounds to include the five PCB Congener mixtures and the Native Toxins/LOC Stock Solution required by EPA Analytical Method 1668A & 1668B. Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are industrial compounds known to be amongst the most persistent and widely distributed pollutants in the global ecosystem. EPA Method 1668 is used to determine the presence of PCBs in water, soil, sediment, biosolids, tissue and other samples matrices by high resolution gas chromatography/high resolution mass spectrometry.

Preventing contamination of these calibration solutions is of critical importance, since many PCB background levels allowed by the method’s EML are in fact greater than the equivalent concentrations of PCBs in the calibration solutions. The method specifies that these solutions are to be manufactured in an environment free of CB contamination, with the use of contamination-free glassware. If these requirements cannot be met or are difficult to meet, it further states that the laboratory should “have a vendor prepare the calibration standards and guarantee freedom from contamination” (§ 4.6).

ULTRA Scientific responds by offering these PCB congener mixtures to the analyst as a reliable, ready-to-use standard, guaranteed to stated quality. Each is manufactured in accordance with ULTRA’s ISO 9001 registered quality system, using Class A volumetric glassware and with the analyte concentrations verified by ULTRA’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. These catalogue items are packaged in 1mL amber glass ampoules and ready for immediate shipping.

  • RPCM-1668A Native PCB Congener Mixture 1 83 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668B Native PCB Congener Mixture 2 54 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668C Native PCB Congener Mixture 3 29 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668D Native PCB Congener Mixture 4 15 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668E Native PCB Congener Mixture 5 28 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668F Native Toxics/LOC Stock Solution 33 analytes in isooctane
  • RPCM-1668K Method 1668 A & B Kit 1 each of A - E

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ABOUT ULTRA Scientific

Founded in 1976, ULTRA Scientific is a global manufacturer of certified reference materials, QC materials, reagents and other laboratory solutions. ULTRA meets the needs of laboratory professionals in environmental, pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, food and molecular testing laboratories by offering an extensive catalog listing of chemical standards and the flexibility to meet custom solution needs.

With corporate headquarters in North Kingstown, RI, ULTRA Scientific operates sales offices and distribution centers in Bologna, Italy and Wesel, Germany, selling its products and services direct to end-user laboratories, through national or regional distribution, and under OEM partnerships.

ULTRA Scientific maintains a robust Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001, operates a Quality Control Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025, is ISO Guide 34 accredited as a Reference Material Producer for the manufacture of Certified Reference Materials and holds a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license and an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) permit.


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