ULTRA Scientific Launches New Line of ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials (CRM) Thursday, June 24, 2010

  • ULTRAgold® fulfills international need with ISO Guide 34 CRM at ideal concentrations of 1000 and 10 ppm for a complete line of inorganic standards.

  • REACH labeling incorporated into ULTRAgold® ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials

As technology improves and regulatory bodies keep pace with identifying new analytes and detection limits and setting new regulatory requirements, certified reference material producers must stay ahead of the curve with better-defined standards and calibrators with validated and stated uncertainties. Laboratory professionals are hard-pressed to produce and report the most accurate results based upon available technology and employing techniques to minimize random and systematic error.

ULTRA Scientific is well positioned to assist the laboratory community.

Laboratory accrediting bodies in Europe, including the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), now require the use of ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials under certain circumstances. In the absence of ISO Guide 34 CRM, laboratory technicians assume the arduous and time-consuming task of assessing and documenting the uncertainty of calibration standards in use.

ISO Guide 34 Accreditation requires the CRM manufacturer to identify and document the major components of uncertainty including homogeneity, short-term stability, long-term stability and the uncertainty due to analytical characterization.

"ULTRA Scientific is always searching for new ways to better serve our customers. Launching ULTRAgold® ISO Guide 34 Certified Reference Materials is but another example of the importance we place on maintaining our position in the industry as an innovative leader. Regulations, technology and most importantly, our customers drive us to be better and to produce products that meet new and exacting standards. We will never accept the status quo as we continue to build long-term business partnerships," stated John Russo, President.

For the complete listing of the new ULTRAgold® standards, click here.

Since 1976 ULTRA has been a world-wide producer and industry leader in certified reference materials and other laboratory solutions. It services the environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and molecular testing laboratories. ULTRA Scientific maintains ISO 9001, 17025 and ISO Guide 34 accreditations, while maintaining a DEA license and ATFE permit. ISO 13485 accreditation is in process.

With its corporate headquarters just south of Providence, RI, it maintains sales offices and distribution centers in Bologna, Italy and Wesel, Germany.

ULTRA Scientific sells its products and services direct to end-user laboratories, through distribution, and under OEM partnerships.

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