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ULTRA Scientific expands its QuEChERS product line with the release of ULTRA QuECh™ Kits – 50-test sample preparation kits for multiresidue pesticide analysis, each containing pre-weighed extraction salts, centrifuge tubes and dSPE tubes configured to the standardized methods (EN 15662, AOAC 2007.01 and Mini-multiresidue) and offered for each sample type category.

ULTRA QuECh™ products have a proven performance record against a leading competitor and are conveniently packaged to further streamline the laboratory’s efficiency. Cut-and-pour extraction packets easily dispense the extraction salts into the 50mL skirted centrifuged tubes for a no-mess, no-hassle first step extraction. ULTRA’s coarse grit magnesium sulfate minimizes clumping and provides for effective phase separation. Skirted dSPE tubes, available in either 2 or 15mL sizes, are individually labeled by product number and are color-coded by food category.

Using ULTRA’s online kit builder, one product number is generated to purchase all of the correct components to run fifty QuEChERS sample preparations. This feature and many other technical resources can be accessed at www.ultrasci.com/quechers.aspx. Purchased as kits or individual components, the ULTRA QuECh™ products are manufactured to the method specifications and offer the analyst a one-stop location for all their QuEChERS needs.

In addition to the sample preparation components, ULTRA offers 24 catalogued QuEChERS standards specified by each analytical method and is fully equipped to meet any custom standard need. ULTRA manufactures over 450 catalogued pesticide standard solutions and maintain an inventory in excess of 1000 pesticides for custom solutions. The end-user can be assured by ULTRA’s 35 year commitment to reliability and quality, in that, as with all ULTRA products, our expert chemists are prepared to answer any inquiries and to troubleshoot through to solutions.

QuEChERS is rapidly becoming the chosen sample prep technique for the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in high moisture food samples and the launch of ULTRA QuECh™ kits reinforces ULTRA’s commitment to provide innovate products that meet the exacting standards of laboratory professionals worldwide.

ULTRA QuECh™ products can be purchased online at www.ultrasci.com/quechers.aspx and free shipping applies to all online orders. Orders can also be placed by phone at 1-800-338-1754, by fax at 401-294-7670 or by e-mail through CSR@ultrasci.com. Alternatively, customers outside the US may contact one of our international distributors listed on our distributor tab.

ABOUT ULTRA Scientific

Founded in 1976, ULTRA Scientific is a global manufacturer of certified reference materials, QC materials, reagents and other laboratory solutions. ULTRA meets the needs of laboratory professionals in environmental, pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, food and molecular testing laboratories by offering an extensive catalog listing of chemical standards and the flexibility to meet custom solution needs.

With corporate headquarters in North Kingstown, RI, ULTRA Scientific operates sales offices and distribution centers in Bologna, Italy and Wesel, Germany, selling its products and services direct to end-user laboratories, through national or regional distribution, and under OEM partnerships.

ULTRA Scientific maintains a robust Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001, operates a Quality Control Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025, is ISO Guide 34 accredited as a Reference Material Producer for the manufacture of Certified Reference Materials and holds a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license and an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) permit.


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